We create video productions that can be subdivided into different kinds. Corporate videos can show a number of aspects of a company, the people who work there, what product they make, or what service they offer. Promotional videos focus on one specific part of your business, and often the emphasis is put on price value or product specifications for your customers. Project videos feature a specific project that has yet to take place or already has been finished. You will be proud to be able to showcase it in a unique way. Motion Graphics liven up the content and make things clear through a moving image or an application that’s not explicitly visible. Nevertheless it creates a remarkable improvement of the viewing experience. Sonic Voyage compares animations to spices in cooking: without them food tastes bland. Our animations make the audience long for more. An instruction video often a simplified presentation of how a product works or how it should be used. Getting down to the core of the matter and filming it is a skill on itself, which Sonic Voyage has mastered to the final degree. Hollywood special effects are balanced out by a sense of calm. This is achieved by adding the special effect of stillness and leaving out unnecessary elements.